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Receiving a negative decision from Immigration New Zealand can be a daunting experience, particularly if you’ve applied for a visa with the hopes of either remaining in or traveling to this enchanting country. However, it’s crucial to remember that a negative decision is not necessarily the end of the road. There are often avenues for recourse and opportunities to appeal or request a reconsideration of Immigration New Zealand’s decision.

We understand the complexities and uncertainties that accompany such situations. We’re here to provide reassurance and expert guidance during what may feel like a challenging time. Whether your visa application was declined due to missing documentation, insufficient evidence, or other reasons, it’s essential not to panic.

We specialize in assisting individuals who have received negative decisions from Immigration New Zealand, offering tailored solutions to address a variety of circumstances. Our experienced immigration advisers will conduct a thorough assessment of your case to understand the specific reasons for the denial and identify potential grounds for appeal or reconsideration.

From preparing a robust appeal submission to representing your interests in communication with Immigration New Zealand, we’ll guide you through each step of the process with diligence and professionalism. Our goal is to present your case in the most compelling light possible, highlighting any relevant information or mitigating factors that may support a favorable outcome.

Furthermore, we recognize that every case is unique, and we approach each client with personalized attention and care. Whether you’re seeking to overturn a decision to deny a visa for permanent residency, work, study, or visitation purposes, we’ll tailor our approach to suit your individual circumstances and objectives.

Ultimately, while receiving a negative decision from Immigration New Zealand can be disheartening, it’s essential to remain hopeful and proactive. With our expertise and dedication by your side, there are often avenues for appeal or reconsideration that can lead to a positive resolution. So, instead of succumbing to panic, reach out to us at NZ Visa Solutions, and let us help you navigate this challenging process with confidence and determination.

  • Reconsiderations

    Reconsideration of declined temporary visa applications (for onshore clients).

  • Declined Visa

    Appeal against declined Resident Visa application to Immigration Protection Tribunal.

  • Special Directions

    Special Direction requests to Minister of Immigration when no ordinary category of visa policy will fit.

  • Ministrial Interventions

    Elevate cases for Ministerial interventions.

  • Section 61

    Make “Section 61” requests if you have overstayed your visa.

  • Deportations

    Make Appeals against deportation notices.

  • Medical or Character Waivers

    Work on medical or character waivers.

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